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Adriana Hartley
    Summer workshop for kids
A week involving a work linked with clay as well as walks and discovery of different ways to use our imagination.

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    Mould Making and Bone China Workshop: March-April 2011
A series of courses of 3 hours is offered which combines a simple model making (bowl, cup, etc.) and mould making techniques as well as the preparation of the porcelain and the creation of a series of simple decorated objects.
<h2>Adriana Hartley, ceramicist - workshops</h2> <p>Adriana Hartley, swiss artist, proposes several workshops in which you can learn the various techniques she uses to create her works. Besides the ceramic creations, she also proposes during the workshops to study other techniques to make objects in materials such as 'bone china', sandstone, earth, porcelain and earthenware.</p> </body> </html>